MIMplus Technologies has great knowledge of innovative manufacturing and assembly technologies with a special focus on high-tech materials. Customers come from the medical, automotive, mechanical engineering and the luxury industry.
The company provides support to customers for the selection of the appropriate manufacturing process, the suitable material, the optimization of components or assemblies for the chosen production technology to improve function and cost, determines the required level of automation and manufactures the complete assembly in-house and/or as an extended workbench at selected suppliers. The company also performs all the necessary tests for the extended workbench and purchased parts and thus assumes overall responsibility for assemblies.
MIMplus Technologies GmbH & Co. KG, based in Germany near Stuttgart, is a fully owned subsidiary of OBE Holding GmbH, a precision engineering company since 1904 with about 500 employees and production sites in Germany and China.

Sustainability is an integral part of the corporate philosophy at MIMplus Technologies. We regard efforts towards protecting the environment and preserving it for the future generations. For MIMplus it is not only a sign of ecological foresight but also a proof of ecological responsibility. We strive to conserve resources, use them sparingly and minimize harmful impact on the environment.