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Precision in Metal

Metal Injection Moulding

Metal Injection Moulding (MIM) - a powder metalworking production process in four steps: blending, injection moulding, debinding and sintering.

Machining & Surface technology

MIMplus offers a wide range of technologies for surface treatment and finishing in addition to machining processes.

Assembly & Joining techniques

We use semi-automated and automated assembling equipment as well as laser welding or special adhesive techniques.

3D Printing

The tool-free 3D printing perfectly complements metal injection moulding and facilitates economical solutions for smaller production runs.

  • Mimplus Automotive Schlepphebel
  • Mimplus Feinmechanik 1
  • Mimplus Feinmechanik
  • Mimplus Medizintechnik 1
  • Mimplus Luftfahrt Scharnier
  • Mimplus Kunststoff umspritzen
  • MIMplus Luxury Brillenscharnier
  • Mimplus Luxury Bauteil

Your support to find the best solution

MIMplus Technologies GmbH & Co. KG has extensive know-how in various manufacturing technologies and supports you to find the most efficient way to realize your ideas.

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