Fine mechanics

MIMplus Technologies is a subsidiary of OBE Holding, which has over a hundred years of experience in precision engineering. The MIM process is perfectly applicable for small, high-precision components. It is often the case when several parts that were previously manufactured using conventional process can be combined into a single MIM part. Our current portfolio includes parts for mechanical and plant engineering, sensor technology, lock and locking technology, small electrical appliances as well as the professional solutions for DIY sector.

MIMplus Technologies Clamping fixtureClamping fixture

MIMplus Technologies Pressure fittingPressure fitting

MIMplus Technologies FiberboardFiberboard

MIMplus Technologies Folding-joint hingeFolding-joint hinge

MIMplus Technologies Hinged-arm for a mobile phoneHinged-arm for a mobile phone

MIMplus Technologies Isolated flow sensorIsolated flow sensor

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