MIM manufacturing technology is particularly suitable for the automotive sector due to its high-volume production. The spectrum of application is determined by the highest degree of design freedom of MIM process which makes it possible to integrate different functions into one part and/or use less material. Like no other process, MIM facilitates lightweight construction.
MIM is applied by highly-strained parts, as it enables to process high-performance materials, which are difficult or very costly to machine using traditional manufacturing methods. For example, parts with high tribological loads such as valve-drive levers, parts for high-pressure fuel injections or temperature-charged components such as turbochargers.

Another field of application is cosmetic surfaces parts for the interior. Here, the easily producible freeform surfaces and decorative surfaces make it possible to create components that no other process can offer. MIM parts are also excellently suited as inserts for highly-stress plastic parts.

MIMplus Technologies Valve-drive assemblyValve-drive assembly

MIMplus Technologies Connecting flangeConnecting flange

MIMplus Technologies GPS angle connectorGPS angle connector

MIMplus Technologies Complex titanium adjusterComplex titanium adjuster

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