Assembly & Joining techniques

MIMplus Technologies AssemblyAssembly

We support our customers already in the development phase ensuring that MIM-process advantages for the subsequent assembly to a component can be fully exploited.
The provided support includes establishing of the joining process and definition of the automation level. Depending on the quantity and complexity of a component, assembly can be carried out fully automatically, semi-automatically or manually.

MIMplus Technologies Joining technologiesJoining technologies

Apart from screwing and riveting, we offer resistance and laser welding as well as soldering and adhesive bonding.

Furthermore, in addition to conventional joining technologies the MIM process offers such possibilities as joining of the “green part” or co-sintering. In this process, either one or two green parts are inseparably connected to a metal component.

MIMplus Technologies Laser processingLaser processing

We apply different laser machining processes. Processing of “green parts” by means of lasers, for example laser drilling, offers significant advantages in terms of burr formation, process times and tool wear.
We have a substantial know-how particularly in laser welding of small, thin-walled sintered parts.
Laser labeling and laser texturing of finished components is part of our range of services.

MIMplus Technologies Welding and solderingWelding and soldering

We are specialists in the automation of welding and soldering processes.
Our electrical department, construction, automation technology have put many years of experience in the construction of semi-automated and full-automated special machines such as assembly machines.

MIMplus Technologies Adhesive bondingAdhesive bonding

Adhesive bonding has become the preferred joining technology for many applications. We provide you expert advice in selecting the adhesive according to your demands. Furthermore, we offer our customers suitable cleaning procedures for adhesive surfaces and the relevant equipment for mixing, dosing and applying the adhesives properly.

MIMplus Technologies Plastic overmouldingPlastic overmoulding

MIM components are used in various industries. We have a wide experience in plastic overmoulding to safety screws and also offer solutions for clients from various sectors.
By manufacturing, PEEK (polyetheretherketone) is also applied in addition to Akulon when higher temperature resistance is required.

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